Wednesday, November 30, 2016

unpurpose(ful)ly incorrect

For the first time today, I learned that purposefully and purposely are not, in fact, the same word.
. . . And, of course, I did not learn this until I after I (mis)corrected a student's writing on my white board.

So, after reading this helpful guide and discussing the topic with my brother, Joel has determined that

purposefully is for a purpose 
purposely is with a purpose.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

"for the best improvement of time"

"[In chapter four] of [Pilgrim's Progress] the story has now become fully established, and it is a universal pattern in travel stories from Honer's Odyssey and Spencer's Faire Queene to C.S. Lewis' Naria stories and Tolkein's Lord of the Rings. It consists of a predictable back-and-forth movement between journey along the path and temporary rest in a place, usually a house, palace or castle. The rituals of arrival at the beginning and taking leave at the end encircle the stay at the residence. The main actions are (a) refreshment and renewal for the weary traveler and (b) instruction for the traveler but equally for the reader. The latter feature means that the author's didactic purpose is fully evident in these interspersed interludes" (Ryken 29). 

Ryken, Leland. Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress. Christian Guides to the Classics,
                Crossway, 2014.

Friday, November 25, 2016

unless someone guides me

The Eunuch is so bluntly honest about his need.

" So Philip ran to [the Eunuch] and heard him reading Isaiah
 the prophet and asked, 
'Do you understand what you are reading?' 
And he said, 
'How can I, unless someone guides me?' "
(Acts 8:30-31).

I am so often afraid to be honest with the leaders in my life about my inadequacies. 
There are so many situations in which I should just say, "I don't know," "I've never tried," or "I haven't been keeping up with that." But, I care too much about the impression I leave on others to be bluntly honest about my own need . . . 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

- giving thanks in everything -
prepares the way that God might show us His fullest salvation in Christ.” 
- Ann Voskamp

“The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.” 
- Louisa May Alcott