Monday, May 23, 2011


In keeping with the theme of my last post, I would like to share something I read on thesweetersong's tumbler. I don't know this girl personally, but I wish I did. She has the some of the most true, good and beautiful convictions I have ever come across and she has such an eloquent way of sharing them. 

With each day l have found more and more satisfaction in Jesus, the more the people around me grow discontent.  They question, “Is she afraid of being hurt?” “Does she even have desires or cravings for love?” And the latest, “Is she a lesbian?”

When it comes to dating and relationships, very few people grasp the fact that I am diffidently waiting. My sister has been trying (and very unsuccessfully) to match me up with any single male acquaintance she knows. I have had suggestions so incomparable, I could only snicker at the proposal. If she invites me to a night out now, l often have to evil glare at her, raise my eyebrows and ask, “What’s the catch? Or rather, who’?’
Humour aside. I truly believe that the Lord has put me in this beautiful season to focus on Him, and Him alone. He is teaching me what true love is honestly all about, and I can tell you that it is definitely not found in a moment‘s sultry kiss shared between two lovers. I can tell you that it goes beyond hormonal urges, or any desire spurred out of lust. Possibly the greatest lessons I have had to learn is that love goes beyond any emotion, or heated feeling.
Standards are a dying beauty in this world. It’s heartbreaking, and it’s worth tears of anguish over. Yet, this is what sets apart a woman eager to serve her King. Her standards. Her modesty. Her unwillingness to pursue the male, even if it seems like she is missing out on “great” catches.
Standards are what He has been building since I handed my life story over for Him to write. My sister‘s casual suggestions for suitors can be lovely men, but they aren‘t exactly what I want. In fact, they are worlds apart, simply because they miss the mark on the highest standard I have.
See, ever since He has been showing me what love is about, the more I have been falling drastically in love with Him. His love is so selfless, and radically different to the world’s views on such a notion. It’s hard to compete with. His love is pure, and filled with tenderness. It goes beyond emotional passion, and yet, it is the most passionate I have ever experienced. It’s transformed my very desire of what I want in a man; A future spouse. So what do I want?
I want a man that has his heart set on one thing; To most ardently desire to be a reflection of Jesus. I want him to care about little else. I don’t even want to be a close second in his heart, for the love I want him to have for our King will be endless. He will scream masculinity. He will know his place as a man. Simply put, I want a man with the courage to love. No hesitation. No uncertainty of where his feelings for me lie, for they lie at the foot of the Cross.
If this means I never encounter such a man, and I remain this mortal life forever single, then let it be so. Singleness is such a beautiful He gives some of us, despite what the secular and even Christian world says. Jesus is my portion, and He is revealing Himself to me more and more on this journey I walk. He is silencing my cravings. He is becoming more than enough. His love could quench a lifetime of fulfillment, and beyond. My standards for a man are high...
But I will not settle for anything less. 

Breathtaking, right? When my mom first shared with me years ago that a marriage is a picture of Christ and the church, I honestly thought it was the craziest thing that I had ever heard. However, Christ has continued to shape my understanding and I now can't think of anything more beautiful. Christ-like love is the most pure love and a Christ-centered relationship is the most pure kind relationship simply because it's not about us. It's about Him. 

Friday, May 13, 2011


"He loved us when we had no beauty to attract his attention." ~David Clarkson

I had a great conversation about compliments with a friend a few days ago and, at some point, he was talking about how all girls struggle with appearance. Initially, my thoughts went something like: “I don’t need compliments. I’m perfectly fine with the way that I am.” And, all of two seconds later, my conscious retorted with: “Then why do you like compliments?” All self-assurance and pride aside, I do struggle with appearance and I’m pretty sure that everyone else does too. We want to be attractive and beautiful and noticeable. And God did create us to enjoy and desire beauty. However, that desire, like every other desire, can lead us astray when it consumes us too fully. I've often witnessed girls seeking to change themselves so that they appear more attractive to their latest guy interest. First, how awesome is it then to be pursuing Christ? He has already shaped us into exactly what he wants us to be. Second, how incomprehensibly marvelous is it that Christ still continues to pursue us after we have completely marred the beautiful image he gave us? We were already exactly as he wanted and we destroyed ourselves. He then ruined his perfect self and became the image we had marred so that he could continue to pursue us. He still desired us when we were hideous and corrupt in every way. "He loved us when we had no beauty to attract his attention." An even now he cotinues to change us to be more like him...It couldn't be any better...