Sunday, November 13, 2011


Today in Church the Pastor talked of true greatness. We read through Mark 9:30-40 and the Pastor summarized the idea of true greatness as humble servitude. He then went on to name many families in the Church who provided examples of living out this true greatness. One family took in foster care children because their own children were in school every day and another couple purposely bought a house with extra bedrooms so that they could provide them for people in need. He spoke of many people who used their professions to serve instead of increasing their job status/income. They all provide such beautifully inspiring examples of using their lives to serve others. It immediately reminded me of my dad and specifically when we lived in the old Victorian house. My dad worked in plumbing, heating and air conditioning at the time. (It definitely wasn't what he wanted to be doing or anything like what he studied in college, but it was the job God provided at the time). He worked long, hard, physically grueling days and came home exhausted every evening. I remember my siblings and I running and screaming through the long hallway to the kitchen door to greet daddy. (Side note: I also remember one day that Dad told Zach that Mom got the first hug each day and then he would hug all of us. So, in typical Zach fashion, he would devise new ways to try to sneak the first hug every day. Hahaha, I love him and my whole family and I can't believe this was so long ago.) Anyway, I remember countless evenings that my dad would sit down to dinner with us only to be called away with a phone call from a Church member with a plumbing, heating or air conditioning issue. He would try to help them over the phone if he could (I would always try to figure what he was explaining :P), but usually he ended up leaving to go help the family. And there were times when my selfish heart was mad that someone else was taking away my daddy when I hadn't seen him all day and when he was visibly exhausted. But my dad never complained. He always wanted to help in any way he could. Now, my dad knows Hebrew, Greek, Bible Doctrine, Advanced Physics and Advanced Calculus, but the way that God was calling him to serve at the time was in plumbing, heating and air conditioning and he always served in such humility.  I know that he has helped countless families in the Church who were struggling financially by offering his expertise and service. My heart still harbors much more selfishness than I would ever like it to, but I now see what a beautiful example of humble service my Dad has always been and continues to be. So many more examples are running through my head right now. I pray that I could be even half the person, half the servant that he is someday.
I must apologize for I quite obviously have not kept up with or even started my goal of incorporating Scripture into my blog posts. All I can say is that I am once again reminded of how marvelous and necessary it is that my life is not dependent on my actions or consistency. Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy.